Rhukadlor envisions himself as a noble warrior, and over time has started to modify his appearance to follow suit. Standing at around eight feet tall, he's quite broad and not with fat. He's encased in heavy plate armor, which is covered in dents and nicks from past battles. Somewhere beneath the damage one can see that there were once detailed engravings, most are too chipped to make sense of now. His primary weapon is the large claymore slung across his back. Though not particularly broad, it's quite long and gives him a good amount of range with his sweeping attacks.   Rhukadlor was a general of the ancient Human empire, and was responsible for many of their military victories. Now that the empire has fallen, he's taken it upon himself to start reclaiming the lands that were once a part of it. He's already taken most of southeastern Nuchalnuth, and has recently repaired Verlore   Rhukadlor is a fearsome warrior. Swinging his claymore in great arcs, he can hit large numbers of enemies at the same time with ease. In his long life he's also picked up some magic, and is capable of periodically shelling enemies at a range with bolts of superheated energy.


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