Poem of Taliesin

This poem was located in the Temple of Tranquility and is yet to be deciphered by the people of Hoakar   The Poem of Taliesin   I was nine full months   In the womb of Shai.   Before that I was Methabeht,   But now I am Taliesin.   I was with my king   In the heavens   When Ferrelux fell   Into the deepest hell.   I carried the banner   Before the Rokr.   I know the names of the stars   From the North to the South.   I was in Caer Bedion   Xenophon.   I accompanied the Weaver   With the soul of Ghufran   I was the flaming arrow   When Akakios was slain.   I was in Llys Don   Before the birth of Adelita.   I was patriarch   To Leonidas and Enoch.   I was there at the destruction   Of the peaceful Eusean.   I was the foreman   At the construction of the Tower.   I was three times   In the prison of Zuriel.   I was in the citadel   With Shana and Alpha   I witnessed the destruction   Of all of Esoron.   I was a unswerving shield   To Oboron of Azura.   I have gone hungry   For the only One.   I was at the White Mount   in the court of Tarakan.   In stocks and in fetters   For a year and a day.   I was instructor   To the whole universe.   I shall be until the judgement   On the face of the earth.   I have sat in the perilous seat   Above Caer Sidi.   I shall continue to revolve   Between the three elements.   There is a marvel in the world   Which I cannot reveal.


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