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Plains of Amurru

Despite the constant rain and many dangers of the rolling plains of Amurru, Blackthorn has survived as a major trade hub for the proto humans. Known as a den of thieves, rogues and thugs - the local proto humans find their own order through strength and cunning over law and religion   Blackthorn is constantly under threat from the Undead to the south which clammer out of the haunted forest every evening bringing death on all they approach.   If it wasn't for the assistance of the Shields of Enruel the Guard may have been overwhelmed several centuries ago and the whole land covered in the undead blight.   The orc like creatures from Tean'Zu and Goblins also cause chaos for legendary Red Banner Trading Guild which ships its goods all over the continent from this location.   Due to the guard being stretched thin with the undead, mercenaries are hired by merchants as they travel across the region.   Temperate fields and forests with regular rain provides an endless harvest for the early humans

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