Kumari (Kandam)

Kumari has seen many ancient races rise and fall and was once the seat of power for the Dragons far atop Mount Enlil . It was the birthplace of the Orc races at Id Kura, the location of the creation of the Half Dragons and more recently the bastion of the Western Alliance in the Kingdoms of New Meropis . Sitting valiantly at it's center is Solinia's largest mountain range and many varieties of terrains cover the rest of the massive continent.   Kumari finally fell as a continent when the storm dragon Python opened the Tomb of Hiran Asura deep under the kingdoms of new meropis. The people that did survive this cataclysm fled east across the ocean. They still bear the name Kumarian for their time here.   Travel to and from Kumari extends southwards through the many isles access to the rest of the world is blocked due to the raging sea   Occupied by Dragon, Half Dragon, ProtoHuman, Orc, Goblin and more   Locations of Interest   The Ruins of Valum Vaton   The Gate of Id-Kura   Xenophon   Threats   Undead, Elementals, Dragons


Several flat planes a gigantic mountain surrounded by many smaller islands

Natural Resources

Puresnow, lava, ash, metals, minerals, charcoal
Location under
Included Locations
Mount Enlil
Valum Vaton


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