Green Hell

An extremely dangerous region in Jingara   No cultures currently exist in Green Hell, but there are some ruins of the Human Empire that are actually lodged in the Banyan trees.   Though it has a relatively small area from above, Green Hell is very large vertically. There are no real landmarks, being as it's all trees. No mountains, no rivers, nothing   Obviously, wood grows in abundance here. Some of the trees are so broad that smaller trees actually grow off their limbs, and a number of fruit bearing trees can be found here. As with everything else in Green Hell, the fruit is enlarged. The mangos can grow to the size of someone's head, and the large, pendulous papayas can approach the size of a torso. Once the Chunel settle here, they will catch birds much like fishermen catch fish: with nets. Suspending the nets between two trees, they can catch a good number of the brightly colored birds native to the region.   Water can be harvested from the enormous baobab trees, which have also grown to titanic size. Once one were to boar through the wood, they would find enough water in one of these trees to fill a small lake   Much of the local wildlife has changed drastically. A large amount of the creatures were enlarged, much like the trees. The most dominant forms of local wildlife are various monkey and ape like creatures (including a sizable lemur population), a plethora of birds, jaguars and other great cats that have become amazing climbers, and more insects than anyone really knows what to do with.   Green Hell connects to the jungles of Metnalba to the west, and the plains of Jingara to the east   The entire place is a location of interest, really. There's nothing else quite like it   The sabre-toothed jaguars native to Green Hell didn't escape the growth effect. As tall at the shoulder as a full grown man, they've become terribly adept at silently climbing along the trees, ready to pounce. The Apes aren't hostile unless provoked, but are exceedingly strong and dangerous when they are. They've learned to use their strength and the height of the trees to their advantage, simply picking up threats and trying to throw them over the edge.   There's also a half rumor half legend about a beast that roams the depths of Green Hell. Apparently an enormous serpent, the legends name it as Jirimongan. Not using the ground, it twines it's bulk between the trees, silently hunting for any creatures that venture too low.   The specifics of what happened at Green Hell are unknown. Some magical catastrophe caused the ground to drop away into the black abyss it is now, and also caused all of the life to grow to epic proportions. Since then the place has generally been avoided, simply because none of the early expeditions returned

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