Originally located on their first maiden voyage from Asgarad, the Vishim have made the majority of this continent their home and use the lands for food and resource supplies for Ravenholme. Over the years the port of Westhaven has grown and many have settled here permanently.   Many Vishim rangers travel to Shadowmoor to begin their training.   Avalon is also home to The Garuda a race of birdmen that inhabit the Monastary of Amonsul.   Transport Links   Westhaven acts a port to connect Asgarad and Acacia to Avalon.   Locations of Interest   Shadowmoor   Monastary of Amonsul   Mt Athos   Westhaven   Xzarkot's Tower   Threats   Higher into the mountains can be found stone elementals that have been known to be aggressive to outsiders. Also to the almost impassible north can be found the tower of the mad Geomancer Xzarkot. The Vishim suffered many casualties scouting Xzarkot's Tower when they originally came to Avalon but have found that he has no interest in the outsiders so long as they stay far away from the mountains.


Much of the western area of this land is covered in dense forests which provide a bounty of fruits and berries. To the center of the island can be found Mt Athos believed to be a holy location to the native stone elementals. Resources   Many varieties of rocks can be found on this location as well as an abundant supply of timber, fruit and some freshwater fish.

Flora & Fauna

Most wildlife here are forest dwellers including wolves, bears and other animals.   The mountains themselves are home to a number of stone elementals.
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