Home to the Vishim a human like race that once hailed from Caer Bedion.   Also a cast of Subhumans which the Vishim consider barbaric make their home in Faen'Dan. This village has existed for as long as the Vishim can remember and they have held a friendly alliance against the forces of Balor that seep from from the northern and eastern areas of the continent.   Both races have become exceedingly efficient at hunting undead, one through highly tuned skill of weaponry and magic and the other through brute force.   Other races are known to inhabit the lands of Asgarad including the Yotes and a cast of Eiao to the far north. Both of these races have little dealing with the barbaric subhumans and Vishim and these days prefer to keep themselves to themselves. Whether this is due to events in the past not many are sure.   Transport Links   Ravenholme acts a port to connect Asgarad to Avalon.   Locations of Interest   Ravenholme   Faen'Dan   Lunacia   Barrik's Fall   Caer Bedion   Balor   Threats   Aside from the many aggressive animals on this continent Undead are without doubt a major problem to the localised races. Mostly spawning out of the many graves of the ruined human city of Myrgard they also smother the entire northern continent as they spew forth from the ancient tower of Balor.


Asgarad is mostly covered in tundra, mountains and forests and is situated in the very far south of the southern hemisphere.

Flora & Fauna

In the snow covered peaks many polar bears, mammoths and wolves can be found. This is a common source of protein for the villages of Lunacia and Faen'Dan. In the outer areas beyond the snowy peaks one may find a variety of wolves, rabbits and many birds which the Vishim appear to avoid hunting in favour of wild fruits and nuts except in the occasional need for population control which they normally leave to the Caer Bedion Rangers.

Natural Resources

Stone, metals and timber are in high quantity in this land. Also of note is a unique type of ice that appears to be an excellent for building if kept at the correct temperatures. This has been attributed to the natural beauty of Caer Bedion which is completely built of this material.
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