Over the centuries the continent of Alcor has been home to many cultures. In modern day, the continent can most assurably be noted as under the control of the Kandam Empire except for a few pockets of cities that are under constant attack by the Kandamese aggressors.   The oldest civilisation to exist on the island would be the Mysmaal, an eternal vampiric race which rule from the northern city of Mysma which stays out of the conflicts that have always trouble the continent but over the recent years, seclusion and hiding has become more and more difficult.   The Kandamese empire hold the majority of control over the continent and attack any that attempt to land by outsiders. The meropii would be more welcoming but they are so tucked into the forests that they rarely get to meet any outsiders. This does not stop others from sneaking onto the island to aquire its many forms of poison.   History   Originally the continent was home to the grand white city of Eusebes a center of art and culture to many in the southern hemisphere. Alas, as with all good things it eventually collapsed, segmenting it's people into five tribes.   The new tribes that grew out of this event include the Kandamese, Meropii and Kitezhan. During this time the tribes experienced relative peace amongst each other, respecting each others differences as they always had during the time of Eusebes. However, on the crowning of Kandamese Holy Emperor Dravidian, Kitezhan was eventually invaded by the Kandamese people and, despite the efforts of the Meropii tribe to protect the Kitezhan's, it eventually fell, remaining to this day as under ground ruins inhabited by the remnents of the Kandamese forces.   To this day, the Meropii remain under assault from the Kandamese forces at their city of Meropis on the western corners of the continent and have so far experienced success in their defensive strategy thanks to an alliance of sorts with the creatures that inhabit the forests to the south of their borders.   Locations of Interest   The Ruins of Kitezh   Old Eusebes   The Holy City of Meropis   Dark City of Kandam   Mysma, Tower of Undeath   Threats   Most wildlife and even civilisations on this continent are naturally aggressive towards any outsiders. Except the meropii, who even though good aligned, are still cautious of any outsiders due to the many attempts of sabotage on their people by the Kandamese.   The most dangerous of threats on the island would certainly be the Mysmans, an ancient vampiric race which fortunately remains secluded most of the time.


Alcor, despite existing so close to the southern colder regions, is mostly tropical and covered in dense Jungles inhabitted by all manner of wild creatures. Disease and poison are a common issue for the inhabitants of this island to which has contributed towards them become skilled herbalists

Flora & Fauna

All manner of creatures inhabit the continent, mostly a extensive variety of birds and reptiles which find a home in Alcor including the swamplands of Schera, the jungles of Virumaa and the holy sanctuary of the Himapan Forest.

Natural Resources

Alcor is renound for it's poisons which brings assassins from all over the world of Solinia. It is also known for it's abundant supply of timber and white rock.
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Included Locations
The Himapan Forest


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