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Strategic Transfer of Equipment to Alternative Location

Strategic Transfer of Equipment to Alternative Location, also known as S.T.E.A.L, is a time-honoured tradition in the armed forces of the human military.   Armed forces have, throughout history, always been known to take anything from living off the land by buying or stealing the food needed to the individual soldiers taking souvenirs from slain enemies, anything from guns to watches, but not what might be less known to the civilian population is that the armed forces can be the target for such things as well and have anything from ice cream machines to whole turrets stolen.   In the armies of the Empire of Earth , it's not uncommon that units will steal from each other, one unit might need an extra heavy machine gun, and the other unit at the base happens to have left theirs unguarded for 5 seconds. Still, there are stories of units that, for some reason, have more tanks at their disposal than they should have on paper.   But it's in the Navy that one can find the stories that have almost passed into the stuff of legends. One particular story goes that during a campaign to destroy a large group of pirates, the 597th squadron, under the leadership of Admiral Codson, liberated the remains of a battle cruiser that had been severely damaged in a previous fight. Somehow, without anyone at the base noticing, they managed to transport the ship with them when they left to prepare for an ambush. It was later revealed that the squadron's crews managed to reactivate several of the ship's turrets while under tow and that the ship was used to lure in the pirates.   it's well known that the army will S.T.E.A.L anything that is not bolted down, were as the Navy will bring the bolt cutter.


Today, the time-honoured tradition is still done by members of the armed forces, but the Navy has the reputation of being the most prolific participant. In the military, it's well known that what you need and what the higher-ups are sending don't always match, so members of the armed forces have taken to "liberate" items they might need.


First, the object needed is requested by the Sergent or officer of the unit, and when the request has been declined, that's when the Strategic Transfer of Equipment to Alternative Location can begin as the sergeant or officer will select a group of their men who believe can succeed in the operation, then the target is located and if needed a distraction is thought of, and then the object is going to be transferred from its original place to its new location.    Most optimally the whole operation is conducted only minutes before the unit with its newly "liberated" item leaves for another place.

Components and tools

Really depends on the object but a safe choice of equipment will be a pair of bolt cutters, some screwdrivers and a large bag.


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