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Eres CIWS (sea-wiz)

Eres CIWS is based on the old American Close-in weapons system that was first created in the 1980s   Once human travel through space became common, and trade routes between the different colonies were beginning to take form, losses to small bands of pirates began to climb at a steady rate, especially in the distance between the colonies around Jupiter and Mars, so the new patrol vessels built in orbit around Earth were being designed to take a modified version of the old CIWS system, and at first, the system was being used in combination with what the navy called old fashion gunboat tactics but as the time went on. The pirates became more organised and better equipped, and so did the navy CIWS and the system the navy has fitted all its combat vessels with is the MK-XI variant equipped with triple 28mm rotary guns.  


Compared to the other weapon systems, the range of the Eres CIWS is relatively short, but this is due to the design criteria for the system; it is to act as the last line of defence for the ship, with its target being incoming missiles and torpedoes. The system is capable of running despite severe damage to the vessel, and each system onboard a ship will have its reserve battery with enough power to keep it running for up to 5 minutes of continuous operation, more than enough time as the system will have run out of ammunition before it runs out of power. The only inputs required for operation are 740 V AC three-phase electric power at 60 Hz and water used for electronics cooling.   The Eres CIWS system can target up to four incoming missiles simultaneously, and each system is placed so it can cover each other if needed.

Gun and ammunition handling system

The rounds used by the Eres CIWS system are fired with a mussel velocity of about 2.100 m/s. The most common round used by ships such as EES Freya of the Mythological-class are the armour piercing round, this round is by these battleships used to destroy incoming missiles, torpedos or even small meteorites if needed, in the case of the missiles and torpedoes, the goal of the system is to have the rounds hit the warhead of the incoming object and hopefully cause enough damage to the internal workings of the incoming object that if it hits the ship, it has become a dud and will only scrape the paint job of the vessel. The following best scenario is that the rounds from the Eres CIWS cause the incoming object to explode far enough away that the fragments will mostly miss the ship.
Creation Date
Very common, each Battleship of the Mythological-class have 20 of them
7 Ton
5.6 meters
Base Price
8.56 million
Barrel length:
2 meters
AI-controlled but with human oversight
Armour-piercing tungsten penetrator rounds with discarding sabots
Land: High-fragmenting incendiary tracer - for use against fighters
Rate of fire:
5000 rounds/minute, 83 rounds/second
Effective firing range: 10,790 meters (max. effective range)
Maximum firing range: 15,700 meters

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