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Winners of the Under the Sea Challenge

Welcome to Solaris, traveller! This is a slower-than-light science fantasy set in our own solar system.
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I, Annie Stein and my co-judge Qurilion are proud to announce the winners of the Under the Sea Flash Challenge. We had 23 wonderful entries, and we're so amazed of what everyone has been able to create in just ten days. Thank you all for participating, and please, go congratulate these amazing writers!   Without further ado...  

Honorable Mentions

Crashed Sky Citadel by Rain

A deep dive that slowly reveals its mystery. I thought it was clever to write about something that wasn't supposed to be in the water, a crashed citadel, and I was intrigued to see how it was handled. This was my early favourite!
— Annie

- by Chris L

Character | Dec 2, 2023

Tambanokano is one of the Seven Celestial Gluttons. The star-eating crab sits at the bottom of the deepest trench in the ocean, eating anything that comes within reach of its greedy claws.

I really enjoyed the mythological kaiju aspect, and the prose around the "celestial gluttons" and star-eating is evocative. The idea of a giant, hungering crab sitting in the depths of the ocean and craving the stars is great.
— Qurilion

Qimiori - Water Forests by Blue Fairy 74

Qimiori - Water Forests
Geographic Location | Oct 21, 2023
Qimori takes us through a unique, strange biome. Like above-ground subnautica, we get to learn about this alien biome and its cornerstone plant: the Knot Trees. I love how the map feature is used to showcase the trees and the life around them.
— Annie

Tsuthar'Chor by JudasBrennan

Generic article | May 20, 2023
Most articles about these kind of creatures are scant on the detail of their inner workings, so it was a fresh take on getting one that provided insight into their actual society and how it functions. Colossal, psychic minds locked in an internal cold war is some wonderful imagery, as is the miles of neural tendrils and fleshy blobby city architecture. Lovely!
— Qurilion



Thalatta by hughpierre

Geographic Location | May 29, 2023
An hostile globe of ancient sea-water locked in by perpetual motion, Thalatta was just such an inventive concept!
— Annie


Descent of Íde by SapphireSong

The Descent of íde
Generic article | Oct 17, 2023
Worldbuilding and storytelling work together in this lovely character-driven piece. What a great way to introduce us to StarSea!
— Annie


Sea Hollowed by mirescosmo

Sea Hollowed
Condition | Jun 11, 2023
A beautiful article with beautiful art! Mirescosmo's article is tastefully laid out and cleverly uses articleblocks to invite you to explore further.
— Annie



Third Place


The Merpeople by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

You have to read this for the art, if nothing else! Amélie weaves stories around her worldbuilding, and with it introduces us to all kinds of aspects of her new Mer people. It's very smart in how it gets across a lot of information fast.
— Annie

Eternal Sage AmélieIS

Amélie I. S. Debruyne
To see what I am up to: SC list of articles and goals.

Drawing of a bronze seashell with the text

Second Place


Chok Swam by The Big G

This late entry was worth waiting for! Strange interlocked beings are cool enough on their own, but what really pulls this article into excellence is the strong perspective, that of vastlander Haftera Djuur, who once was allowed to travel with the strange aquatic species. I really loved the art too!
— Annie

Journeyman The Big G

From The River to The Ocean, a civilization grows up.

Drawing of a silver seashell with the text

First Place


The Joining by Rin Garnett

There was no doubt who the winner was for this challenge. Not only did Qurilion and I both give this our top scores for creativity and versimilitude, but it was the highest scoring for both of us. I love travelling cities, but what Rin does with the joining blew me away. A masterful blend of biology and festivals comes together to make some really, really, good worldbuilding.
— Annie
Drawing of a gold seashell with the text
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Author's Notes

Thank you for your interest in the Under the Sea Challenge!   Challenges like these are a labour of love, and I hope you have felt loved and seen. If you would like to help me make more Solaris and more unofficial community events like this challenge, you can support me by checking out the linked buttons here!   You can find Qurilion on Ko-Fi too, if you'd like to thank him for his help. He'll be commenting with the feedback as we finish it up.
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Congrats to the winners! Proud to make it into the decision making process!

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1 Jun, 2023 07:27

It was a solid entry! Congratulations on the honourable mention, it was well earned!

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Congratulations to all the winners! Reading through all of these has been a wonderful way to spent the day. There's so much creativity within this community, it's been incredible to see the different ways people interpreted the prompt. Also a huge thank you for running the challenge and taking the time to provide feedback to everyone.

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