Remote Projection

by Annie Stein
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by Annie Stein
Planetside wireless transmissions are near instant, but with the vast distances of space interplanetary wireless transmissions can take minutes or even several hours to arrive. This is not a great barrier for broadcasting, but in two-way communication transmission time quickly adds up. In situtations where a single message may take only ten minutes, asking for clarification would be at least a twenty minute wait to send the request and recieve the reply.   Several mechanisms for faster-than-light communications have been proposed and studied, including but not limited to quantum nonlocality, quantum tunnelling, and theoretical superliminal particles. While valuable research, they have all been dismissed as dead ends for the purposes of FTL interplanetary communication.   A partial solution came instead from the combination of several unexpected avenues. Remote Projection, a new form of telepresence, allows an individual to be mentally present in a location separate from their body. By encoding and transmitting their conciousness into a an artifical body on another planet, a Remote Personality Cache/Display, the individual can communicate in real time at the location.  

The Development of Remote Projection

The study of esoterica leads to advances in signal transmissions
Juggernaut Technologies develop a method for encoding and preserving a conciousness.
Crystalline Brains allows for the remote storage and display of a conciousness
A bundled conciousness proves capable of communication if provided the requisite tools.
  The first piece of the puzzle came from the study of esoterica, in particular the study of individuals with powers of mental projection or bilocation. The study of these concepts inspired the trailblazing Juggernaut Technologies, who used it's findings to develope a method for safely bundling the conciousness of comatose patients to protect it from damage. The third, and final piece, was sapient robotics, and specifically the development of artificial crystalline brains.   The Remote Personality Cache was developed by a multidisciplinary team at Juggernaut Technologies initially as a potential life extension technology. A bundled conciousness was successfully transferred and stored on a crystalline brain. From here, progress was rapid. Further studies into the RPCs value as a digital backup bore little fruit, as it was revealed that the conciouness degrades over time even in storage.   Promise was shown in a trial where the stored conciousness was given some rudimentary tools for communication. A comatose patient proved capable of answering simple questions by turning on or off a small light. The development of the Remote Personality Cache pivoted to also include a display and artificial sensory organs.
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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
2 Aug, 2022 17:14

I like how you've shown the evolution of the technology, what didn't work, and the experiment done with patients :D This all really help in making it seems like a perfectly reasonable technology XD

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Sage nnie
Annie Stein
2 Aug, 2022 17:35

Thank you! Yeah! A few dead ends, and something starting out for a very different purpose helps lend it some realism I feel. And Technology is cumulative, it's always building on a bunch of older tech.

Creator of Solaris & The Morning Realm -— Worldember 2022
8 Aug, 2022 20:57

I really like spe-fi stuff like this, where you take a fantastical phenomenon (in this case a verifiably consciousness as distinct from the function of the physical brain, or a "soul") and measure it, and build technology around it. I like the amount of thought that clearly went into the implications of this.

Sage nnie
Annie Stein
9 Aug, 2022 09:09

Thank you! It was fun to hash out.

Creator of Solaris & The Morning Realm -— Worldember 2022