Dawnfruit Congee

by Annie Stein
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by Annie Stein


Dawnfruit Congee is a simple recipe, almost as easy as premade meals! Cooking doesn't need to be intimidating.   For this recipe you will need
  • Dawnfuit
  • Precooked Congee
  • Seasoned Seitan or other Protein
  • Cooking Board
  • Paring Knife
  • An illustration of the ingredients and tools required to make Dawnfruit Congee
    Mise en Place by Annie Stein
    Congee is a simple porridge made from padi or rice. The plain taste keeps it gentle on any stomach, and makes it a solid staple food.

    Any protein will do, but a meat protein with a rich umami flavour will go especially well. This recipe uses a pre-seasoned seitan

    Dawnfruit is the star of the show. The sweet and sour fruit cuts through the richness of the congee.


    For this recipe you will need a cooking board. Cooking boards make food preparation just as easy as preparing a precooked meal! We're going to use precooked congee. Some people have cooking pots that let you add grain and water and prepare it overnight, but storebought congee works just as well!  
    1. We start by preparing the protein. I'm using a pre-seasoned seitan, but you can use any protein of your choice. Cut the protein into slices approximately as thick as a finger, and use the recommended flash cooking settings for your protein. Once it's done, put it aside to rest, and let's move on to preparing the dawnfruit.
    An illustration of the flash cooking function of the cooking board. A bright light shines from the roof of the cooking section, and steam billows out.
    Flash Cooking by Annie Stein
    Remember to sterilize the cooking board before you continue! Wipe your cooking board to remove any juices, then run the sterilizing program repeatedly until the light remains solid for the entire sweep. This is especially important if you chose a meat as your protein.
      2. Cut open the dawnfruit, and remove the seed tubes. You can run your knife along the string of the pod to loosen the seeds. Place the pod between your thumb and index finger, and squeeze down along the pod to press out the seeds. Move the seeds over to the flash cooker, and give them a couple blasts on high to toast them. Put these aside for now, we'll use them as a garnish later.  
    An illustration of Dawnfruit being sliced
    Slicing Dawnfruit by Annie Stein
    3.Peel or crack the skin of the dawnfruit off. Then slice the dawnfruit into thick slices, and slide those slices over to the flash cooker. Flash cooking it once on high will keep its crispness, but give it some nice caramellization, but you could also use three or so flashes on low with the steamer on for softer dawnfruit that'll melt into the dish.
      4. Now all that's left is the finishing touches. The protein should have settled by now, and you can either cut it up, or use two forks to shred it apart. Plate up the congee with the protein piled on top, stack on some dawnfruit, and then garnish with the seeds. Enjoy!  
    Illustration of a bowl of congee. It is topped with dawnfruit. The bowl is electronic and has controls to set a preferred temperature for the food.
    Dawnfruit Congee by Annie Stein
    Illustration of a bowl of congee. It is topped with dawnfruit. The bowl is electronic and has controls to set a preferred temperature for the food.
    Dawnfruit Congee by Annie Stein
    Serving Temperature
    Warm or Room Temperature
    required tools
    Cooking Board
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    Cover image: Dawnfruit Congee Cover by Annie Stein


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    21 Dec, 2022 11:58

    Congee!!! CONGEE!!!   I think I usually just call it porridge in my part of the world, but I don't care, because this sooo damn cool! I love how you integrate so many diverse cultures into the Solaris tapestry, and in such a well written way!

    Sage nnie
    Annie Stein
    21 Dec, 2022 12:06

    Thank you so much! This style of serving is much more SEA than how we make it here in Scandinavia, here porridge is usually a sweet food. I really want Solaris to feel global, so integrating influences from all over the world is important to me. Plus, you guys have awesome food!

    Creator of Solaris & The Morning Realm -— Worldember 2022
    Eternal Sage AmélieIS
    Amélie I. S. Debruyne
    21 Dec, 2022 13:55

    This looks so tasty! I also love the little worldbuilding details with the flash cooking and sterilisation, and the article trying to convince us that's it's just as easy as a pre-cooked meal XD

    To see what I am up to:WE list of articles and goals.
    Sage nnie
    Annie Stein
    21 Dec, 2022 14:47

    Thank you! My favourite touch is how this "homemade meal" asks you to buy preseasoned protein and use precooked congee.

    Creator of Solaris & The Morning Realm -— Worldember 2022