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The Hall of Shi'a

The Hall of Shi'a, a figure of justice to Humans as She is known for Her selfless act of giving morality to non-Human Sentients. Kind of ironic that it was the humans who killed off Her people in The Great War, due to Humans seeing Sentients as lesser. I dare you to tell [the lawmakers] that She was actually a non-Human Herself; that'd make them wet their pants."
---Comment about the building from Valentín, former Azalean who was born in Zelos

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the Hall of Shi'a is to give Azalean citizens due process-- or, rather unfortunately, the grand illusion of due process. The sad truth is that Azalean citizens don't have the same rights as many other highly-developed nations; in the case of justice, the court only allows the perpetrator to coax the court for a lesser sentence.

The true purpose of the Hall of Shi'a is for the processing of legal paperwork, such as name changing documents, marriage documents, adoption documents, and any such document that changes the name-- or custody, in the case of parenthood-- of a person or minor.


The Hall of Shi'a is traditionally crafted with color motifs of white marble pillars, white wood panels, and black granite floors, to symbolize the duality of humanity. The furniture is made up of a polished red wood, with cushionings that are a deep green color.

Despite the traditional color scheme, the architecture of the building-- and its interior-- are fairly modern, preferring a slick, clean design over detail. This may be due to the fact of the building itself being modern.
Room, Court, Legal

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