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The Asezhurin Glyphbox

"The Asezhurin Glyphbox, or, in Daemonic, the T'kovem ad Asezhu Atokum. It roughly translates into 'metallic stencils of the Daemonic alphabet'. The fun thing about this box is that it only contains five stencils; this is because there are five letter groups in The Daemonic Language. A few of these stencils can actually collapse some of its pieces together."
---Ke'tlan's comments on the writing tool, while demoing it to Brandi

Mechanics & Inner Workings

These stencils have hinges that collapse and "bend" certain portions of the stencil so it can fit the proper shapes of all 29 Daemonic characters. It's incredibly-simple technology, but the fact that it narrows down the required amount of glyphs needed is what makes it an extraordinarily-efficient tool.

Incredibly-skillful welders have created a modified version of these stencils so they could hold ink, allowing Daemon with fine-motor disabilities in their hands or wrists to pick up a set for writing letters or documents.

Manufacturing process

First, cut the metal rod and plates into shape, according to the outline provided by the welder. Then, weld the metal plates to the Small Metal rod in places where the hinges will be. Cut off the excess from the Small rod. Once all hinges are welded on, assemble the stencil using the X-Small rod. Test the movability of the stencil before continuing! If there are no issues, weld the X-Small rod in accordance to the outline. Polish away blemishes.


The glyph stencils that come with this box hold great significance to the Daemon who manufacture funerary plates and other cultural art pieces that involve wood, clay, or stone. These stencils simplified the process of carving in words, without the committment that an error requires from hand-carving.

A version of these glyphs exist for numbers, rather than letters, but they have fairly low use cases.
Item type
4.5 killogrammes
30 x 40 x 10 cm
Base Price
10 Shard
Raw materials & Components
Metal Rod [X-Small and Small], Metal Plate
Welder's Tools

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