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The Founder of Time (a.k.a. Shi██a Vit█████)

"Shi'a, is what we all call Her. It is a sign of respect, that we do not speak Her true name. It was part of the covenant that She had with KRNS, in order to give Her Their gifts. As I was blessed by Father and Mother, granted Shi'a's blessing, I am allowed to tell it to you, but you must not speak, nor write it. Her name is Shi██a Vit████, and She brought to us Knowledge."
---Jabari Obasi, commenting on their ancestor

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Timepiece

As Shi'a is the Finder of Time, the timepiece, or clock, holds strong associations with Her: Her finding KRNS, in fact, granted Her peoples sentience. Her timepiece is a Soldial, with thirteen etchmarks that each symbolize two years of Her life before finding KRNS. Sometimes She is symbolized by an hourglass, with the bottom bulb filled.

The Wooden Gavel

Since Shi'a was the one who discovered Time for the people, She became symbolized by the gavel, or wooden mallet. This is because She had to give up Her full name as a Tribute to KRNS. In Human Tarot, she is depicted on The Chariot card, wearing a white mask with black tears as her true appearance is unknown to most Humans.

Tenets of Faith

  1. Follow your heart: be true to yourself, even if a situation demands the opposite.
  2. Never waste a moment: you were given time to spend, not time to waste by idling.
  3. Stay true to your beliefs: if there is someone who opposes them, you are on the right track.
  4. Give back to your community: they will be there when you are gone, and will help you live on.


Year's End: Vite 0 [Khronos, or September 13th

This holiday is special, as the planet appears to suspend in stasis during this day. Science has yet to properly explain why this happens, but in spite of that, the day marks the end of the current year and the start of a new one. Year's End is a day of reflection and preparation for the new year.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

As She answered Her test of humanity, and succeeded with flying colors, Shi'a's test ultimately focuses on Her own descendants. As She granted the world the concept of sentience, She looks forward to challenging Her descendants with tasks that She had to get through Herself. For Her current descendant, She tasked him with a contradictory test: to join the cause, and see if he will forfeit his oath of violence to protect his People.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

To humans, her defined characteristics are a masked visage, and gloves on Her hands. Typically, She is seen wearing draped clothing, like a cloak, and holding a bowl that She's pouring liquid from. These are images that were derived by artwork created of Her, and it is assumed the statues lack a head and arms on purpose.

In actuality, Shi'a is a Pakyani: a felid race thought to have gone extinct during The Great War. She has pointed ears, a tan coat of fur with white countershading, and black spotches all over Her body. Similar to Her descendant, Jabari, She has large, thick stripes descending down Her back, and a ringed tail. It is possible that Her temples in human civilizations were defaced in order to "fool" humans into thinking She was human.

What is properly communicated to humans is the fact that Her masked visage always has tear marks on them: this is because She has black, tear-like markings on Her face that make Her look like She is crying.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Shi'a was originally a regular cat, that did regular cat things: climbing trees, eating fruit, catching prey. Like every other creature on the planet, She only lived life to survive, so She can eventually bear and raise children of Her own. She started to get too old for Her species, however, and has yet to settle down to have children.

One night, in Her dreams, She felt the whispers of a being, using language unknown to Her, but were somehow understandable. This voice told Her that Her life's purpose has been chosen, and that She will be guided down Her path soon enough. It was enough to rouse Her from Her sleep, and look around Her now-restless body.

This voice was truthful, whatever it said, as She felt inclined to follow a trail that ended up appearing in front of Her. It was the dead of night, and She decided to start this task, whatever it was, through this odd provocation. This adventure wasn't one that was short, or lasted a single night. It was long, and treacherous, but Shi'a did not turn back. This itch, to Her, had to be sated, at all costs.

Eventually, after a year's adventure, through different biomes and seasons, and even bodies of water, She ended up getting to the place that She was called to. In front of Her, appeared KRNS, in the form of a Great Tortoise. They started to speak to Her, and this time the words were properly understood.

This is when She noticed that She was walking on Her hind legs now, and not all fours. KRNS rewarded Her efforts with the gifts of Knowledge, Time, and the Language of Time itself. The only thing They asked in return was for a part of Shi'a's name when She died-- not the whole thing, just a part-- so She can be immortalized after death.

Gender Identity

Isya [She/Her]
Divine Classification
Saint of Time
True Neutral
2971 BV 2925 BV 46 years old
Fruit [cis female]
Known Languages

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