Sol Conflict Stories.

By 2077 humanity has launched itself from Earth and colonised much of the Star System Sol. Colonies on the Moon, the Earth Lagrange Points, Mars, Venus, the Jovian Moons and Saturn's Moons has allowed humanity to rapidly develop inter-planetary travel, vast off-world cities and commence much needed ecological repair on Earth itself. Governing the vast majority of the system is the United Earth Nations.   However, on 1 March 2077, humanity found itself threatened. A fleet of alien vessels were detected entering the Sol System, and they have attacked various ships belonging to humanity. Within weeks humanity was stretched thin. Colonies were attacked and the alien threat began making it's way towards Earth.   By pure luck though, Humanity was able to hold back the charge at the Battle of Ceres, where humanity was able to hold off the advance. Now sporadic fighting occurs and the United Nations finds itself struggling to meet the demands of all involved. In the year since the invasion, humanity has become militarised and desperate, waiting for when the next invasion occurs.
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