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A lush land full of flourishing cultures and peoples of all kinds. To the Northeast is the High Elf country of Paathrox, isolated from the rest of Smaugshowa by the oceans, but still spreading their influence across the continent. In the East are the lush forested lands of Visario, the scorching plains of Sorchion, and the star reaching mountains of the Dwarven country Ellios. To the West are frigid Fafniran and the warm lands of Worregmorian, large countries that serve as the home to many different peoples. Split between the Western and Eastern countries is the land of Aldua, the home of many bestial and savage communities.   The stories of Smaugshowa are rich and fantastic, full of heroic legends, political intrigue, dubious but powerful magic, and more.   Do you dare to explore these lands to discover what mysteries and troves of secrets they hold?

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