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The Crysphics kingdom was a small, out-of-the-way kingdom located in present-day outer realm. Though almost minuscule when compared to the three great kingdoms, they were held in regard of the other kingdoms for their wise elders and knowledge of magic. Though they never expanded much before the shattering and reunification of the sky, they have been present for many important historical events. One of the key attributes of the Crysphics is that most of them were humans. That is also one of their fatal flaws, as their fear of dragons led to much contempt and several disputes. As a result, much of their studies and documents are ones of the other magical - though less powerful - species and phenomena, leading to a very detailed but wholly incomplete database. Their first capital was Mendoza, the mountaintown, and its valuable resources helped them gain an early footing and the respect of the other kingdoms. After Mendoza's abandonment, they remained largely seperate from the rest of the sky, and a good portion of them ended up burning many ancient records and siding against the Skydwellers during the Ashes War.


One of the identifying charicteristics of the Crysphics are their hair. Most people descended from Crysphics have multicolored hair, blending from one color to another, always in stark contrast - black to red, blond to deep brown. It is from this hair that the Crysphics have their oath - the swearing on their gray hairs or the gray hairs of their mother. Crysphics are also slightly taller than other Skydwellers. And although it is largely gone from the sky, a few Crysphic descendants honor their old religion - that of the Borealists, whose belief is centered around the northern lights.


Though they have had their fair share of mistakes, the Crysphics have also made some valuable contributions to our society. Most of our metal came from the mines in Mendoza, and though it is rare, it is extremely useful. It is also largely thanks to the Crysphics that we have the knowledge of the enchantment which helps dragons to read books. They cataloged a variety of spells and magical phenomena, and although most of their works have been either lost or are hidden somewhere in the Outer Realm, the ones that we have are the basis of many scientific discoveries. Many of our great historians were Crysphics or have Crysphic ancestry, as their people valued the lessons that can be learned from history. The team of writers that documented and preserved much of the Ashes War and Dark Plague was made up of a majority of Crysphics, as well. Another small contribution that they've made is that of the use of gemstones for suits in the sky's standard deck of cards.


After the Skyshattering, the remaining peoples of the sky had no choice but to unite with each other. A dragon king was appointed, and the first three Sky Cities were founded. Since then, they have expanded to seven Cities. Even before this, people generally regarded Crysphics with a bit of contempt and more than a little fear, and were none to pleased about uniting with them. The few Crysphics who did survive the Ashes War tried their best to assimilate - learning the language and making Bonds. However, they were largely discriminated and excluded from most social gatherings, paid less, and sometimes not even allowed to the education system. Being easily identifiable didn't help them at all, and in an almost funny wave of suspicion, people started harassing anyone they thought smelled like hair dye - though most Crysphics never dyed their hair. Gradually, the suspicion and discrimination faded away and several reforming laws were enacted. Few people with the signature Crysphic hair remain, but the few that do are still sometimes viewed with fear by their peers - not ostracized, but still avoided. However, significant progress had been made and will continue to be made.
Although Crysphics do not have many holidays (though they do have a day of remembrance for the residents of Mendoza), they have a couple of yearly customs. Two of the main ones are the settings of orange draperies by the doors and windows following the autumn equinox, once a common habit and now a remnant of ancient culture. Orange is said to ward off evil, and the draperies are often woven with intricate patterns nad have been passed down through the years. Upon coming of age, most Crysphics will also wear a necklace looped through a small silver coin - a symbol of their people and a reminder of who they are.
Because of Crysphic's rather logical outlook on life, many may say that they do not value family or empathy. While they will usually strive for knowledge and wisdom, they also value life for its inherent magic, and thus any act of empathy is also central to what they hold dear.
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