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Bands of Unity

"I assume you all know why I've called you here." The room remained silent. It was filled with the brightest scientific minds and most prestigious political names in the sky. There could only be one reason they were here. "Yes, this is about the Ailment," the dragon said, confirming their thoughts. "I have a theory as to its origins. So - someone please humor me. What can you tell me about the Dark Plague?"
  Silence. Then someone spoke. "It was a virus - it lay dormant inside of us for years -"
  "And what did it affect?" The room fell quiet. The dragon didn't wait for anyone to speak. "We think it was our internal messaging system - unfortunately, we don't know too much about it - just that it's probably composed of these 'cells'. Now, we don’t know as much about these cells - just that they most likely transmit information. What a virus wants with those - well, we theorize that our Skydweller cells are probably different from ground dweller ones. But that's enough about the Dark Plague - we've defeated it. It'll never come back." She paused, like she was forcing herself to believe those words. "However, it did come at a time where we couldn't use our scientific knowledge to determine how they escaped our nervous system. That was unfortunate. But, aside from our messaging system, what is the most populous cell in the Skydweller anatomy - among both humans and dragons, just like the nerves?" Her eyes flicked back and forth, watching the people.
  "It would blood cells," someone answered.
  "Ah," the she-dragon said. "Good job. Red blood cells. Large, and plentiful, and working hard to keep us stable in these conditions. Very important. So tell me - what would happen if a variant of the Dark developed - not to affect our nervous cells, but the second most important thing - our red blood cells?" Fear sparked in the group's eyes, and when nobody responded, she continued. "Someone list off the symptoms."
  A scientist in the front cleared his throat. "There would be the usual immune response - coughing, sniffles, vomiting, headaches, fever. After that, I would imagine...dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, hyperventilation, nausea, heart palpitations...and eventually, death." Realization began to dawn on the group.
  "What are we going to do?" A Mayor asked.
  "Everything that we can!" a green-eyed scientist said. "This ailment - it's still in it's early stages. And I sincerely doubt it's a virus that will lie dormant. So we quarantine those who have been exposed, tell everyone to be careful, and develop medicine - treatments, vaccines! And we'll do it now! The top scientific minds need to be working on it!"
  "Top scientific minds...from all the Cities? That's going to be difficult," one of the politicians said.
  "So we sign a document," a man from the back said. He hadn't spoken the entire meeting, instead watching everyone with careful dark eyes. Now all eyes were on him, but he didn't bother to hasten as he carefully pulled out a paper from his suit. "I've been working on this for a bit. It's been almost a generation since the Cities were founded. But we've been divided long enough. Now, we need to become parts of the same, unified entity - or it may very well be the end of our people.." He set the paper on the table, pushing it to the center. "It's time for the complete unification of the sky."


The Unification treaty was made in a time of desperation - though it had been long in the making. Every single historical event in the sky led up to the people. A shattered people, wandering for two decades in the shadow of terrible destruction - and a document that unified them and gave them the hope and the means to pull themselves into the light.

Document Structure


  • Introduction: Touches on the historical circumstances of the document. Explains the cause for the union and the goals for its welfare. Details the status and time span of the document and its immediate and long-term effects.
  • Signatures: The section where important political leaders signed the document, making it legally binding
  • Amendments: A series of clauses added later to make it the document on which society is based, kind of like a constitution.
  • Bill of Rights: Because everyone needs to have their rights stated individually - one. by. one.


This treaty is special in that it isn't just an agreement between independent states, but rather joined together individual groups. It made the people one. As such, later amendments were added to make it something of a constitution. However, there is a small clause that states that anyone found guilty of willfully trying to make the treaty invalid or harm the union in any way will be faced with exile to the Outer Realm.

Publication Status

This document is open to the public - in fact, many students actually make a brief study of it during their middle school years. It is something like the constitutions, declarations, and magna cartas on the ground - copies made and completely open to the public for intense study.

Historical Details


The treaty was signed during what would have been a relapse of the Dark Plague. A new sickness, forever known as The Ailment, that very well might have been more deadly and contagious was emerging. It had only been a little over twenty years since the aftermath of the Dark Plague and Ashes War, and the effects of The Ailment would have been disastrous among the people - possible even wiping out all of them. In order to ensure efficient cooperation and immediate action, the leaders of the Haven Clouds and Sky Cities signed a lasting document that would forever unite the peoples of the sky and ensure that peace would reign forevermore.


The Unification Treaty was a much-needed joining of a shattered people. Families that had been separated were now free to unite. Diplomatic issues between dragons and humans became a hundred times easier to navigate. The complications of trade and resource management became smoothed out. For the first time in a long time, the people of the sky were well and truly whole.

Public Reaction

Tension had been building in the sky for a while now. Only a few people had come down with The Ailment, but a few had already died. Many of them still had memories of loved ones lost to the Dark Plague fresh in their minds. They public had been in a state of panic for several weeks now. The treaty was a source of hope and peace for a people who desperately needed it, and celebration broke out among the people - in small, quarantined parties, of course.


Despite the fact that it was made during a time of emergency, the treaty, to this day, is probably the most important document in the sky. It was the document that united the Skydwellers after the skyshattering. Many politicians had been petitioning for peace and unity since the end of the Ashes War. Many historians find it ironic that a time of panic was what brought the people together. Most human geographers remark on the fact that the treaty has held for over two centuries now, despite its enactment being very sudden. Several of the nobler politicians swear to forever keep its core values at their hearts.

Treaty, Diplomatic


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The virus was a little too close to home, but I love that it could be seen as the impetus for treaty.

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