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A special continent in the world of Amoria created through elemental energy by the Sylverans, an ancient anthro avian civilization, in order to restabilize the world after being nearly completely destroyed by the previous civilizations through the unrestricted combination of advanced technology and elemental energy. The Sylverans turned the surviving members of their race into feral gryphons, infusing their bodies with elemental energy and fusing them with mammals to symbolize the new race's dominion over the animals and the environment. Skydaria is powered by the six elemental parts of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, and Electric, which govern all environmental and geological processes. All of these elements are contained within Skydaria, which is cut off from the remainder of the world.   Gryphons are the dominant race, though anthro mammals (beastkin) and anthro avians (birdkin) came into being later. Only the gryphons have elemental energy. Beastkin and gryphons coexist peacefully and live more traditionally (like indigenous human cultures) while the birdkin developed technology (following how humans developed throughout history) and find themselves in near-constant conflict with the gryphons. Animal life primarily consists of mammals, birds, fish, and invertebrates (reptiles and amphibians were not brought to Skydaria). Different regions have different climates based on element (such as a tundra region to the north, a desert region in the center, and forests to the east and west) and sun length is similar to the mid-latitudes of Earth with the presence of seasons. Earth is the basis for all natural processes and cycles and this world could be considered an alternate version. Natural laws of physics are followed as much as possible with the elemental energy being used to bend these laws in certain ways (primarily within the gryphons but also in terms of environmental regulation and structure).   Modern Skydaria is centered on three dominant races: the birdkin, beastkin, and gryphons. Birdkin live predominantely on the western side of Skydaria in four main kingdoms and have medieval-level society along with technology developed from the elemental energy. Birdkin formed their kingdoms out of numerous smaller nations which were divided based on species. Gryphons are divided into tribes based on elemental type and organized into numerous clans consisting of a common living/social space with hunting grounds. Beastkin tend to serve gryphons or live under their protection, with different species living among different gryphon tribes (though a considerable amount live among the birdkin) in their own villages/cities.   The most advanced nation on Skydaria is the Kingdom of Veldera, which later becomes the Fenithian Empire. This is where the Velderan gryphons were born and where the major conflicts and relationships between birdkin and gryphons play out. The other dominant nation on Skydaria is the Kingdom of Heartflame, the sole gryphon kingdom formed from the union of Moltesian gryphon clans as a response to the birdkin establishing their territories in the west. All of these divisions came as a result of the Gryphon War, a brutal period where gryphons and birdkin were fighting over territory and the right for the anthro races to develop more advanced civilizations. Veldera was created for those birdkin and gryphons that wanted to live together while all others were given their respective half of the continent. However, Veldera was heavily influenced by a group called the Cult of Fenithia which wanted birdkin dominance over Skydaria and started persecuting gryphons, pushing them out of Veldera and conducting experiments on ones they captured. Skydaria will only survive in the future if birdkin and gryphons can relearn to coexist.

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