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Sylverans are the group of peace-loving avians that created Skydaria and the gryphons . They destroyed the corrupted members of their ancient civilization as well as all of the technology and weapons they produced, creating a new continent to start a new system of life. They were responsible for the separation of the elemental energy into six parts along with placing a certain amount within the surviving members of their race, causing them to fuse with certain mammal species to become feral gryphon creatures. The Sylverans are the creators of this new world and responsible for its sentient races, erasing the memories and technological knowledge of their previous civilization but sealing away artifacts containing such information for when the new races become worthy of it. They put some of their essence into the elemental energy, enabling them to accumulate knowledge and subtly oversee Skydaria and its inhabitants. This knowledge was passed down through the gryphons.

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