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The Kingdom of Heartflame is the only tribal gryphon kingdom in Skydaria and formed out of the union of several Moltesian gryphon clans. It was founded by Maglar shortly after the Gryphon War when the region of Heartflame Valley was in chaos and the clans were on the verge of warring among themselves. Only the Moltesian clans located entirely in the Valley are included. The kingdom was originally founded to bring peace to its gryphon and beastkin residents but turned its focus to conquering other gryphon tribes in response to the Gryphon Persecution.


After the Gryphon War, the size of the Moltez territory significantly dropped and there was a large immigration of gryphons to the Heartflame Valley. Since there was little room for new clans, the gryphons needed to join with existing clans. Resources became limited as a result, and the clans started fighting each other over them. In addition, more people were traveling through the region as a result of the formation of major trade routes between the birdkin and the beastkin, putting extra strain on the clans. Maglar, the chief of one the major Moltesian clans who fought alongside Avalest in the Gryphon War, saw that a single nation was the best way to preserve all of the existing Heartflame Valley clans without a significant number of gryphons dying off. He devised a new system of governance based on birdkin nations that could better distribute resources and protect settlements from attack. A monarchy was established to preserve the culture of hereditary leadership in the clans. Maglar served as the first king, with each clan's chief serving as representatives. The new nation was meant for Moltesian survival, and not intended to threaten other clans or birdkin nations. The other gryphon tribes did not follow suit; Volgir did not lose any territory to the birdkin and Hydreis, Aeriva, Icerin, and Geosil did not have the contiguous territory that would make a single nation feasible.


Heartflame Valley, Heartflame Mountains, northern Cross-trunk Mountains
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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