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Fenithian Empire

The Fenithian Empire is the institution that replaced the Kingdom of Veldera after the Fenithians took control over the nation.  
  • Symbol: Phoenix
  • Colors: Red, purple, gold

Public Agenda

The Fenithian leaders wish to eliminate or enslave all gryphons, advance their technology using elemental energy taken from the gryphons, and be the sole rulers over all of Skydaria.


At its height, the Fenithian Empire encompasses all of Western Skydaria.


The backbone of Fenithia's military is its Imperial gryphon army headed by Mar'lek.

Technological Level

Fenithia is the most advanced society in Skydaria, using elemental energy obtained from gryphons to develop technologies and weapons not seen since the fall of the ancient civilizations.


Fenithians worship the ancient avian race that preceded the gryphons, believing that birdkin are the ultimate race and that all other races exist to serve them.
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Kingdom of Veldera
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members

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