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Beastkin are the anthro mammalian race in Skydaria. They originated shortly after the gryphons were created and were conceived by the Sylverans as a fresh attempt at an intelligent humanoid race. They were based on some of the mammal species that were brought to Skydaria. Their initial development was fairly slow; beastkin maintained a tribal society up until the arrival of the birdkin and were highly dependent on the gryphons for their survival, living alongside and serving them. Like the birdkin, the beastkin eventually developed civilization and technology but not until the Gryphon War for most societies.   Beastkin are divided into several species based on Earth mammals. As these are separate species, they cannot interbreed with each other, though each species can encompass multiple related organisms. The main species include: wolves, bears (brown and polar), foxes, cats (lion, tiger, puma, leopard), badgers, otters, deer, mice/rats, and rabbits. Each species has its own respective habitats, though some have settled in other locations.

Basic Information


Beastkin have the classic anthropomorphic animal structure where the animal appearance is maintained but with human proportions. The head and hindpaws are the same as in their respective species while the arms, torso, and legs are humanoid. Each hand has at least three fingers and an opposable thumb, with a fifth digit if their respective Earth mammal has it. The paws are in plantigrade, digitigrade, or unguligrade stance depending on what mammal species the beastkin is based on. Internal biology is carried over from their ancestral species though some systems are more humanoid.

Genetics and Reproduction

In general, beastkin use the same reproductive methods as humans, though the genitalia are based on their respective mammal species. Females have humanoid breasts and they have similar gestation periods to humans.

Ecology and Habitats

Many beastkin sought the protection and support of the gryphons because they developed slowly. Some gryphons allowed beastkin to share their territory with or without conditions; others took beastkin to be their servants. Some beastkin lived independently alongside the gryphonss, utilizing the behaviors and skills of their respective species.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Beastkin typically have the same diet as their respective mammal species. They hunt like primitive humans do with tools along with their natural weapons.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Beastkin share the sensory capabilities of their respective mammal species though all of their senses are at least as powerful as those of a human. Traditional strengths of certain mammal species (such as strong sense of smell in canids or underwater vision of an otter) are maintained.

Civilization and Culture

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Before the Gryphon War, Mams were treated by the Gryphords as residents, and the Mams who lived with them viewed them as deities. As subservient to the gryphs, Mams shared in their religion and worldviews.

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