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Sky Crimes

May 4, 2201

Created by

Editorial Team

Writers Team

Through whatever circumstances of misfortune or opportunity, you have enlisted board the flying war carrier, the Coventry, and joined one of many pirate crews that seek out any illicit manner of trade and villainy that pays. However, with the recent discovery of an elusive lost temple fabled to be responsible for sinking Atlantis beneath the waves and the cause for the current state of the world now, all manner of polities have offered rewards for discovering the location of the weapon and securing it for the guarantor, the most generous being a sum of ten times each man's weight in gold. In an age of complicated alliances, increasingly powerful weapons, feuding pirate warlords, and world powers that fail to contain their hubris, many now scramble to locate the temple, which has remained almost completely hidden since the Upheaval.