The Astrolabe

The creation of the Tarot gave the first race a taste of power beyond their standing but of course, a taste is never enough. The Tarot were powerful, but they were localized. They could only affect the user and the user's surroundings. They could not alter magic on a grand scale. If many people needed altered magic, then many cards were needed, this was an expense that the first race could not manage. This restriction created a desire for greater power, for a device that could alter magic not just for the wielder, but for an entire city or perhaps even more.   In the region now known as Kallion, First Race scientists took the challenge, and eventually, they created the Astrolabe. The Astrolabe would be the most powerful device ever created by mortal hands. It also never should have been used.    The Astrolabe was comprised of a series of concentric rings, each containing an extremely high concentration of Astrocite. So much in fact that there weren't enough bones left to harvest enough Astrocite to complete the device without another... living source. So strong was their desire for power that First Race scientists began to murder their own people in order to harvest enough Astrocite. At the core of the Astrolabe was a pedestal where a Tarot card could be placed. The chosen card would dictate the effects of the device.    When a Tarot card was inserted into the device, the rings would come into alignment creating a powerful burst of magic that would quickly push the rings out of alignment once again. This sudden burst of magic was so strong that it would physically push and pull on the Siderical Stars, changing the day's resonance allowing for the use of an entirely different type of magic than the day would normally allow.    The device was a total success... or so it seemed...


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