Trance of the Bluebound

The Bluebound are known to have survived the cursed Blue Steel Taint and have formed together to fight the horros of these desease and everybody, who spreads it in malicious ways. To be able to face the fears that have scarred themselves for life, they learn early on the Trance of the Bluebound.
When entering the trance, the neophyte, still scarred by his experinces, will learn to shed all doubt and fear and build unwavering trust into the leader o fthe order. They enter the trance willingly and knowingly, forfeiting their ability to judge, fear, doubt, and question for themselves. This enables them to work for the good of dwarvenkind, however the leader of the order sees fit.
Usually the trance lifts itself after a day or two - and the dwarf has to enter it willingly each time. You usually cannot be coreced, forced or tricked into it. However, there have been instances in the darker times of the order, when the trance, once entered, has been kept up over years in time.
There is the legend that one leader of the order once entered into the trance, giving himself the order to never leave it and only work for the good of the order. He then was allegedly responible for the forced infection of dwarves with the Blue Steel Taint and subsequent pressuring of survivors into the order during the Second Blue Steel Inquisition.


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