Council of First

After traveling with Vitukua for almost fifty years, the Larani finally arrived in the lands of El-Ethien. It was here, that Vitukua acsended into godhood with the finding of some Dragon artifacts, leaving the Larani behind to tend to the now considered holy lands of El-Ethien.   This first generation spread over the lands, founding Laraethien and with subsequent generations appearing, the considered themselvs to be closest to the god and the magical dragons, thus claiming their right to rule the land.   Over the course of time, at least eleven members of the first generation figured out magic far enough to achieve an unnaturally long life, each of them having seen close to six thousand years. Those eleven founded the Councel of Firsts, originally only consisting of members of this generation.   In later years, members of the fourth, fifth and recently sixth generation joined the council. The second and third generation are all but extinct. Of the first generation only one female Larani is left, being an unwilling member of the council. The fifth and sixth generation have two representants each in the council that are being chosen by vote of members of their generation every five years, adding to the total number of fifteen council-elves.   The currently youngest generation, the seventh generation born within the last 80 to 100 years, has no representant in the council, a fact which is contributing to the growing unrest in the younger elves.


The fifteen members of the council are all allowed to bring in proposals and discussion points to any topic into the council. However, each one of them has a specific area of government and issus they are accounted to and thy have almost complete souvereignity over this area.   The exception to this rule is the position of the High First. He alone has the power to overrule any decision made by the council and he is the only one making decisions concerning diplomacy to any other race.
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