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The Sjonderwold is a place marked by division, both geographically and along more human lines. Mountain ranges like the Wyrmspine Mountains and the Drakeheart Peaks carve the land into areas both hospitable and otherwise. Unusual peoples have staked claims to the deep forests, mountain ranges, and even the caverns beneath one’s feet, making travel there difficult and even deadly to those who do not take care.   The human people of the Sjonderwold have divided what remains amongst five (previously six) clans of like-minded folk. A recent war has established the dominance of the Wolf clan over the likes of the Bear, Elk, Owl, and Dragon clans, and was so terrible that it utterly destroyed the sixth clan, the Raven. Even with the passage of years and decades, tensions still simmer, and contests for control grow bolder and less subtle with each passing year.  
  The Sjonderwold is a new world and yet only a piece of a world, a sprawling vista of mountains and kingdoms and very human drama that is also the only part of this new world its inhabitants have ever known. The Sjonderwold is locked tight between the ridgeline of mountains in the north and east that seem to reach past the stars themselves and the ever-hungry waters that stretch on past days of sailing to the south and west. It lands, though fertile and fed well from often-grim clouds and storms, have in places been blasted or warped by the terrible hand of man and magic. Its people would very much like to survive and thrive and grow past their humble agricultural and nomadic roots, but too often find themselves caught up in heady whirlwinds of ancient grudges, stubborn leaders, and other forces beyond their control.   In short, while imperfect, the Sjonderwold as a campaign setting is meant to be both familiar and alien. You will likely have played in a land much like the Sjonderwold before, but it is still red-hot on the anvil of creation and thus can be forged into a place where classic conflicts and old, stubborn problems can be encountered and defeated or be abolished entirely.   Even within the history of the Sjonderwold, cracks and inconsistencies are rampant – plenty of space to find and speak your own truth. A full history of the world can only be found after hearing more than one account, and not just the one found in the first book you find. A history that makes a straight line often leads directly to those that tell it – and to their goals.   The peoples and places in this setting are meant to evoke certain things that may be new and unfamiliar, or all-too common and frustrating. Feel free to alter them as you need – they are meant to be signposts to guide you in the direction of themes, of imagery, and of inspiration. No crafter of worlds is perfect, least of all this one, but it is hoped that what time you spend in the Sjonderwold is enjoyed.

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