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A region full of gigantic mountains and mountain ranges, which has basically forced its settlers to live inside of those said mountains. It has remained mostly untouched for a few centuries now, and it is practically impenetrable by outside forces. many have tried to conquer it, but to no success, and so many also fear its military (although nobody knows how advanced or big it is)


The region is basically mostly mountains reaching as high as the eye can see, and the settlements in it are mostly underground. It has a very rocky terrain and has almost no rain for most of the year, which forces the dwarfs in it to live off of the snow melting from the tops of the mountains in the summer.

Flora & Fauna

There are almost no plant life in the region, except for high up in the mountains where there is water, and the animals are mostly conceived of big birds and types of goats which can climb the high mountains to reach the food and water.

Natural Resources

There is a lot of very high quality stone from the mountains, and the water from the mountain tops is purer than any other regions'. Because of those, there have been a lot of wars to gain control over the land, but the dwarfs have been able to fed off any attacker they had to face in order to protect these resources.
Alternative Name(s)
The impregnable dwarf mountains
Gurognogosh of the Impregnable Mountains
Owning Organization
The kingdom of Nugshirah
Characters in Location
Gurognogosh of the Impregnable Mountains

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