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Summoner Spells

Power, Learning, and Castings


A warlock's power determines both the level of the spells they can use and the amount of times they can cast said spells. There are ten power levels total. A warlock's power level increases every other level. At level 1, a warlock's power level is 1. The first increase in power level will happen at level 3. Power level increases by one with every odd level reached. Each power level unlocked reveals new spells to learn.  

Learning Spells

Warlock's begin with the ability to learn three spells between their level 0 and level 1 spells offered. Warlocks learn additional spells as they level up. At each level where a warlock's power doesn't increase (the even levels), the warlock can learn one additional spell. At each level where a warlock's power increases (the odd levels), a warlock can learn two additional spells.  


Power Table.jpg


Level 0 Spells


Conjure Useful Item

Area A cube of space, 1 yard on a side, originating from a point you can reach
Duration One Minute
A Size 1 or smaller object made from bone that is neither magical nor worth more than 1 ss appears in the area.  


Target One creature within medium range
You attack your target's soul. Make an Intelligence attack roll against its Agility. On a success, the target takes 1d6 damage and makes attack rolls with your wisdom modifier working against it for twelve seconds.  

Life Sense

Area A sphere with a 30-foot radius centered on a point within your space
Duration One minute
You know the locations of any living creatures in the area. Such creatures cannot become hidden from you for the duration.

Level 1 Spells


Animate Corpse

Target One Size 1/2 or 1 corpse you can reach
You touch the target. If you concentrate and maintain contact with the target for 12 seconds, it becomes a compelled animated corpse of its Size.  

Grave Grasp

Area A circle on the ground with a 5-yard radius centered on a point within short range
Duration Thirty Seconds
For the duration, darkness spreads across the area; bony claws and rotting hands rise from the ground, which becomes difficult terrain. Each creature in the area when you cast the spell or that is in the area at the end of a round must make an Agility challenge roll. On a failure, it takes 1d6 damage and becomes immobilized for the duration. If it was already immobilized, it instead takes 1d6 extra damage. The creature can use an action to tear free, removing the immobilized affliction.  


Target One living creature within short range
Make an intelligence attack roll against your target's soul. On a success, the target takes 1d6 damage plus your wisdom modifier and becomes frightened for six seconds. If already frightened, the target takes an extra 1d4 damage plus your wisdom modifier.  

Bind Small Creature

AreaA cube of space, 1 yard on a side, originating from a point within medium range and resting on a solid surface.
Duration One Minute
One compelled small skeletal monster appears in your area. The duration of the spell is increased by one minute per point in your wisdom modifier.

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