The Mythril Resolve

A guild of weapons and armour manufacturers that trace their origins back to the Fall, when the alliance between distant kingdoms resulted in unlikely friendships and cooperations. In the guild the, predominantly, Dwarven miners were joined by Elven blacksmiths.


Upon joining an aspiring member either joins the path of a miner or a smith, these two hierarchies exist side by side and can only be scaled by completing specific goals for that path, crossing over to the other path is impossible and a high ranking miner has no official influence over a member of the smith path (though one wouldn’t risk pointing this out to any superior officer in the guild). As such every Guild Hall has chains of command headed by two leaders, one for each branch.


The Resolve has 17 Guild Halls spread around the different large cities in Siriande. Their influence is strongest in Dormark Maurr and wanes as it moves westward. With no known presence in Nemya. Each Guild Hall houses somewhere between 35 to 120 members.


The best of both races still join this elite order of miners and builders to manufacture and sell the best weapons on the continent. Though the guild is open to all races its members are still predominantly Mountain Dwarves and High Elves. They maintain close relations with the Mages of the Jade Cloak, who during the Demonic Wars wove enchantments into their tools, weapons and armour. Though nowadays they only do so few and far in between (the relics remain and are often target of daring heists), for wealthy and influential nobles and legendary wartime heroes.

Courage is Fire, Metal is Freedom

Founding Date
Year 2 after the fall
Guild, Craftsmen
Alternative Names
The Resolve
President Mobraes Anvilheart IV
Dur Felekan


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