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Write about a shop, in or tavern that its name is a pun   PAWN INTENDED is a shop located in Simulacra City, L 24 S B12 (Next to Bridge B12_22). The shop is small but packed with high value antiquities from all around the world. Dustin, the owner of the shop is the famous NETWORK collectionist known as Collecting_Dust. He has been collecting stuff from around the globe since the very foundation of the City (when access to the lower levels was not regulated). He has conducted thousands of trades for Antiquities and even custom made SIMULACRA Technology. He regularly trades with (and travels to) the SIMULACRUM which is a rare status among Advanced Users. If you enter the shop (which is located in a very anonymous and residential part of the city and therefore hard to find) you will surely encounter him. Wheter you are looking for something specific or just taking a look around, Dustin will tell you of his great adventures to the Simulacrum and his important friends amongst the Engineers. If you are, instead, looking for sell something or trying to understand if something you found at the memorial has value, Dustin will be able to provide the info you need and even some strange, interesting story. He has a great Encyclopedia (a physical one! written on paper! from the old times!) where he will find the name of the object you retrieved and its functionality. Amongst all kinds of collectibles there's one kind that Dustin would surely buy and never trade or sell: media from the XXI century. This means any hard copy of what was called movies, paper books, paper magazines or music albums and the infinite amount of player unities that people used to play the media those days. Dustin is also able to repair the old stuff using nano technology, but this of course would lessen the value of the object. The shop is difficult to find in the city but even harder to reach on the NETWORK due to its floating IP. In recent years Dustin's shop attired the unwanted attention of a group of radical Engineers who are founding a movement against old tech...  Dustin has been collecting enemies between engineers and friends between space pirates and so his position has recently become less and less popular between people who knows the shop... Authorities may be visiting the shop soon!
Shop, Tailor

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