Our Former Home

Atlantis is a much-debated topic amongst the Keepers. Almost every world, species, and culture has some myth or legend that either explicitly includes the fabled world, or alludes to it in a manner the Keepers recognize. If most of their charges know of it, and it has some place in their culture, then it could quite possibly exist. However, there are still some inconsistencies in the stories, and other beings who have never heard of this place. And so the mystery persists.


According to Keeper legend (and some attempted research), Atlantis was the place where life first sprung. First came the Elves, stepping from the fountain that led to the great sea. The Dromar came next, shivering from the cold water of the fountain. They retreated to the sandy shores in order to seek warmth. The Sirens followed the Dromar, but chose to linger in the water and make for the sea. Then came the Humans, eyes wide and curious, trying to take in the beautiful shoreline, the forests behind them, and the mountains that towered in the distance. Many others followed, including the winged Viceraun and their horned cousins, the Hukezo.

Most of the different People retreated to their own kind, finding homes that suited them best. The Elves stayed close to the fountain, absorbing its magic as they drank from it each day. The Sirens made their homes in the waters that sprung from the fountain, and the magic sank into their very souls and echoed in their songs. The Dromar sought out sand and the blazing suns, wishing to never be cold again. Others went inland, led by the Viceraun and the Hukezo. The Huzeko taught the Dwarves to take magic from the ground below, while the Viceraun stayed at lofty heights above the others, making their home in trees and watching over those they led.

But Humans were fascinated by the world around them and tried to explore every inch of it. They learned from the Elves of the nature of magic, and lingered with Sirens where they learned of their own innate sensual nature. They sought the mystery of the Dwarves and Hukezo, and tried to fly with the Viceraun. Some stayed with the Dromar and learned to adapt to the heat. Others found their way south, where ice and snow blanketed the land. They were welcomed by the Belobat who taught them how to stave off the cold. The Humans learned the way of all the People, and soon grew to be the most numerous.

Most legends differ at this point. All agree that one race or another grew displeased with something another race was doing. Many legends say that one or the other was upset about the multitude of humans in Atlantis, but even Human legends vary from world to world. Even the alliances vary from telling to telling. Some speak of alliances between two or more species, others say it was every person for themselves. Suffice it to say that there was a great falling out and the world was destroyed.

Disgusted and ashamed of what they had done, the People vowed to leave their fallen home and to never return to it, for fear of old conflicts arising once more. And so they left, striking out into the Nexus in search of new worlds to discover and new homes to form.

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