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Led by the elf queen, the elves came to Silrakk in a dark age. They came on their airships, not to help, but to conjure. They planned to charm the people of Silrakk into giving them leadership. Elves are very charismatic, and beautiful, but greedy. Elves are taller than an average human and skinnier. Some say they have conjured thousands of worlds, islands, and continents. Through all of the conjuring, they have made many enemies, including The Trolls, The Arava, and The Dwarves. Now on Silrakk, the Elven Empire is much more powerful and has a much bigger army, so most creatures don't mess with them. The only ones that do mess with them are the trolls because some of them live in Silrakk. The thousand-year war was against the trolls.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Elves are very close to each other and rely on each other alot.

Facial characteristics

Elves have pointed ears and sharper noses than humans.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Elves once inhabited a faraway continent, called Klithak. It was their home until a new species came on warships to invade. They were the Gramash. The Gramash used their powerful strength to kill and force the elves to leave. The elves decided to find a new home, so they packed lots of food and supplies and headed towards Silrakk.
100 - 360 years

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