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Eyre Faltz (Air Fall-ts)

Lady Eyre Faultz- Sanders (She/her)


  Eyre Faultz was adopted into the Faultz family at the age of 10 having never known her biological father and the death of her mother. She is a beastling and due to the nature of beastlings (who look after their own) she was taken in by the faults family, her closest species relative. she grow up beside Astrid and they had a strong sisterly bond until she became interested in finding her biological father. Her adopted parents knew and wouldn't tell her so she left with her uncle and started doing her own research. Along the way at the Una'nin ruins she was captured by Ogwyn Sanders. She and her uncle are currently being kept at the ruins.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Eyre was a young girl who had just chosen her name when her mother died. having never known her father she was taken in by the Faultz who had just birthed a baby Astrid. Eyre helped raise Astrid and tried to toughen her up. In her eyes the world was a cruel place and she didn't want her little sister to be hurt like she had been. one day, when Astrid was 8 and Eyre was 18 she learned that her adopted parents had known her biological father. Angered that this information had been kept from her she left with her Uncle to be his bodyguard and search for her biological father. She eventually found him, or in truth he found her. At the Una'nin ruins where her uncle was working her biological father found her and captured her. she is there now.
Chaotic Good
Current Status
Captured By A rising crime organization
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
about 28
Black and slanted
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
She has light grey fur with a brown underbelly and black markings on her head
Cloverborn Order
Aligned Organization

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