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The Great Calamity

The great calamity is a series of events that follow The Darkening of the oceans, in it, is said that every being will be consumed by the darkness and then the life of the oceans will be no more.  


The great calamity began a long time ago when the world humans were living started clashing with nature, the natural spirits were angry at humans and wanted to teach them how to preserve nature, however a particular spirit took this opportunity to create a power that would consume earth and ocean alike, and tricked the others to allow him to unleash it. Although at that time the calamity as stopped that didnt make it go away, actions of humans in our times have make it resurface and it grows rapidly.    


    As told by several characters to the spirit of Yámipa the only ay to deal with this event is to save the Holy sharks and fight the Calamity head on.


"If the ocean ever looses its power and everything fades, it is said life will crumble away but before this happens a hero could rise and face the great calamity."


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