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13th of Flor, 2530

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Millenia ago, Shunari was home to one race, people made of sentient energy and, at the time, powered solely by a will to exist. After centuries, they were joined by another race, people from beyond Shunari's stars who had fled their home world. A few more centuries pass and a third joins them, a race somewhere between human and animal with the ability to take either shape at will. These three races have lived in harmony throughout most of their existences on this world, working together along with the planet's natural magic to ensure the safety of their citizens.   But even centuries later, much of the wilderness is untamed, and people who have since forgotten the early history of their people are willing to forget the peace for their own goals.   Other pieces of history, those too new to be as forgotten as they are, are prepared to force themselves into view by any means necessary.

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