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LAND- Settlement Conquest

The smoking village has finally quieted. The intrepid heroes tend their wounds and plunder the settlement. Do well worn foot paths lead off into the jungle or perhaps a more urban area? Are you counterattacked before you can disembark? Do you pursue or return to the boat? If you chose to venture inland, once you roll for the scenario below, it must be played before returning to the boat.   If a travel scenario is chosen, then after completing it return to the boat or roll again. For each scenario completed pushing inland, add +15exp.   Natives Demographics: 1-3 a new tribe or caste arrives, possibly to exploit the chaos. 4+ it's the same tribe.   1 Broken Stairs, but modify to fit the new world. The stairs are a path up a mountain/cliff, or down a gorge. Perhaps throw a Razorbeak (GA) circling above that will dive bomb in turn 5. On an 17+ there is a temple at the end.   2- Counterattack- Play the Last Stand modified: 3 skeletons- 2 natives. Trolls and Burrow Worm are replaced with a Totem Warrior and 1 native.   3 Swampland (live or undead) Armory TN10 to build a tiny raft beforehand (1-2 warriors only). Swamp Zombies can be replace with suitable swamp denizens or every 3rd zombie= a crocodile. An Anaconda (GA) also fits.   5- Bridge Guards- Archers are armed with bows, javelins, or blow darts.   6- Crossing gorge- (check out dormitory scenario)   7- Buttes and Stream - Place 3 crocodiles in the river.   8- Buttes and Jungle- Place two raptors are randomly placed. At the end of each turn roll and a 1-6 another arrives D20" from the center. Heroes must make it to the far end (+12 exp for each)   9- Dense Jungle (play like broken stairs, but no sliding on the sides. Terrain on the sides is very difficult, reducing you to 1 activation if you move, and you move at 1/2 pace. Flies can be swapped with fire jackets. A crocodile or panther is a nice touch.   10- Dense Jungle with a Dark Root at the far end of the stairs. Flies are replaced with Dark Root Vines along the path.   11-12 Larger Urban Area, the village spreads out into a town in valley. On a 16+ there is a temple on the map.   13- The party stumbles into an ancient burial ground and just desecrated it. The dead start waking up. Set up like the Courtyard, RoSD, DoL.   14-15- Small village- as you wade deeper into the burbs. On a 18+ there is a temple.   16- Primate Sacrifice   17- A warlike people- You've stumbled upon a warrior society or at least their training ground. All members have +3 fight. 50/50 small or large settlement.   18- Ambush! On a 4'x2' board, the heroes are crossing through funnel, be it valley, bridge, mountain pass, etc. During the event phase roll: 1-6 D3 Tribals arrive; 7-10- Random hero suffers a +1 shooting attack; 11-15 Trap Set off, random hero suffers Traps TN7 or takes a +0 attack. 16-18 Deafening howling from all around. All heroes take a Will TN6 or lose an activation; 19-20, Clue spotted.    19- Cavern System found....   20- Easy Path- gain 30 exp and roll again to go deeper.   CONCLUSION- There isn't enough time to rest while on the trail. Heroes gain +3 health or up to 50% health, whatever is greater.

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