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LAND- Ambush

The intrepid party ventured deeper into the sweltering jungle where the terrain walled them in on both sides. A series of barbed spikes tear out of the ground behind them. The only way to out fight through the kill zone.

The Conflict


Battlefield is 2'x4' with the heroes centered 6" onto a 2' edge. Roll for the borders (D12):    1-6 Foliage    7-9 Cliffs   10-12 Island Chain- board doesn't need to be a straight line as long as it's 42" to the far edge to account for twisting island paths.    13-15 Path through swamps / bogs on each side.     16-20 Path through streets with the alleys blocked off.


The heroes must make it through the ambush to the far 2' edge of the board.

The Engagement

Ace Red (Ar) Spikes shoot out of the ground D12" from the exit edge which block the whole path. Any model within 1" of the barricade takes a Acrobatics TN10 or suffer a +3 attack (roll D6: 1-2, spikes smeared with fecal matter, suffer Disease if wounded, 3-4, spikes are poisoned, 5-6 spikes have no special properties).    2r Two specialists warriors arrived from a 4' edge.    3r Two venomous snakes spawn 1" from the path.   4r Tribal Shooter Spawns (Tribal archer, blowpiper, or javelineer) within LoS of a random hero. Work our +1 shooting attack against that hero immediately.    5r Trap! Random hero suffers Traps TN7 or takes a +0 attack.    6r Trap! Random hero suffers Traps TN8 or suffers a traps from ItBP.   7r Deafening Howling from all around. All heroes take a Will TN7 or lose an activation.    8r A group of three tribals spawns on each 6" from each side of the path.     9r A group of three tribals spawns on each 6" from each side of the path.   10r A group of three tribals spawns on each 6" from each side of the path.   Jr A group of three tribals spawns on each 6" from each side of the path.   Qr The barricades burst into flames! Each warrior within 2" must pass an Acrobatics TN10 or be set aflame (+3 attack each turn, max armor 10). Flames may be put out on Survival TN8 with a +2 difficulty each turn. +2 to the roll for each additional hero that tries to help subdue the flames. Barricades flames can be extinguished on a Survival TN17.  The survival score of assisting warriors can be added.    Kr Treasure spotted on a tribal. If no living tribal is on the board, then on one of the corpses.    Ace Black (Ab) Treasure spotted on a tribal. If no living tribal is on the board, then on one of the corpses.   2b Clue spotted in alley / alcove   3b Hidden Assailant- Tribal bursts out of the ground/water/bog and is in contact with a random hero.     4b SUFFOCATING SMOKE- D4 Smoke Spells hurled with quick succession at the center points of the party. Each causes a 3" of smoke which blocks LoS. Heroes must make a Navigation TN7 or spend the first action moving D4" randomly. If still in the smoke, the hero may make a random D4" move or reload a ranged weapon, or standstill.    5b ARROW BARRAGE- D6 +0 shooting attacks will strike all warriors within a 6" radius (the largest cluster of heroes is the target even if engaged in hand to hand. If no cluster exists, randomize among heroes within 3" of each other. If still not possible, randomly select 1 unlucky hero). Randomize which direction they originate from (once for all shots). Heroes within 1" of cover may take an Acrobatics TN12 to use the terrain as cover (includes water & bog). If no hero is taken OOA, +8 exp.    6b FURY- One random hero is overwhelmed with rage. For the next turn only, +1 Activation, +1 Move, +2F, and +1D (for javelins / throwing knives, but not arrows, bullets, or bolts). The following turn, -1M, -1F, and -1 Activation.    7b NET TRAP- Random hero not in combat must take a Traps TN12 (if successful, +5 exp) otherwise the hero is caught in a net and yanked his above the ground. To get out, Hero must pass a Strength TN15 or Survival TN10. If freed, the the hero must take an Acrobatics Roll TN10 or suffer D4 damage. If Hero gets to the ground without taking damage, +5 exp.   8b BOLO BARRAGE- D3 heroes not in combat suffer +0 shooting attacks (Roll for direction to determine cover). The attacks cause no more than 1HP loss. If so, the hero must spend an action to attempt a Strength TN14 or Survival TN10 to break free. Heroes entrapped cannot move or fight. Enemies in contact with them will drag them away with the same rules for moving treasure in FG (including spending an action to pick them up. The tribals will attempt to drag the hero off the map and that will become their central point and priority. If successful, the hero is their captive to be sacrificed.    9b BLOCKED: D3+1 tribals enter the path, centered on the 2" edge.    10b LOG TRAP- A random hero takes a TRAPS TN7 or suffers a +0 shooting attack with +6 damage (+4 exp for surviving). The log keeps swinging slowly across the path. Future heroes that want to attempt must pass an acrobatics TN4 or treat it as difficult ground (must decide in advance). +2 exp for crossing.    Jb FALSE GROUND: Select a random hero. All heroes within a 2"x2" in must take a Traps TN6. If on a bridge / dock, the failures are poured into the water. If on hard land, it's a 2" deep pit.    Qb SNIPER- A missilier (archer, javelin, blow piper) materializes on a rooftop, ledge, clifftop, or disconnected island / canoe. This superior shooting position should give the sniper a large field of fire of the party not just where they are, but where they are headed. The SNIPER picked an angle to pick off heroes while they traverse the path from a vantage point. Additional +5 exp for killing the SNIPER before taking damage from him/her.   Kb Shaman Arrives (D6- 1: behind the party on the 2' edge. 2-3: ahead of the party on the 2' edge, 4-6 from a vantage point like the heights, a rooftop, or a canoe). Shaman prefers to cast Constrict or Suffocating Smoke (7).


+15 exp for any hero that makes it off the battlefield. +30exp for any hero carrying a hero casualty.


If all of the heroes are taken OOA, then the heroes are split up. Play the following scenarios:   Escaping the Slave Camp (Ranger +1 hero only) Fighting Ring (making the captives fight in a pit; Ranger and Hero must create a diversion to rescue) Appeasing the Sun (Sacrificing the heroes on the pyramid)
Conflict Type

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