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Shores of Blood

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The Kingdom of Hispania found the New World almost three decades ago. Their conquest lead to expansion and then deep exploration. The abundance of wealth in the New World attracted many an eager conquistador seeking strange inhabitants and magical artifacts, but few came back without scars, physical or otherwise.     Magic is uncommon in the Old World, and it is heavily regulated among the kingdoms. In the new world, it is raw and rampant, free from constraints of the law.   Most ships have sails and cannons, but the occasional airship can be spotted. The outposts that dot the archipelagos around coasts are filled with plantations, outposts, and pirate dens.   The intrepid Bernal Del Flores set off with a large expedition into the great unknown under the banner of the legendary Captain-General Nicolo Nascamiento. They lost most of the their porters crossing the freezing mountains and once they entered the dense jungles they began to run low on supplies. The dense jungles required constant hacking to get through only 2-3 miles could be covered a day.   The porters had all perished. The starving conquistadors butchered their horses. The jungle threatened to absorb them. In this moment of desperation, Bernal finally persuaded the Captain General to build a boat so he and a handful of warriors could travel downstream and scout for food.   This was but an estuary of the largest river in the world. Little did the party know they would have 3,000 miles of fantastical beasts, savage tribesmen, and pagan magicians before they reached the coast. This is their story....

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