The Founding of Niskala



A small village which would soon grow to be the Inmali capital city was founded.

The humans moved slowly, but steadily through the lands of Inmalenor, looking for places to make a permanent settlement. There were few areas where there were enough resources to make a thriving settlement, and although there were enough animals to hunt to keep a moderately to large settlement alive, like the beardoxen, the problem was that the first lands they encountered was too high in the mountains for any good amount of trees. There was also the problem with access to fresh water.

Further north the landscape sloped slightly downwards, then flattened, and a river of melting water from the mountains ran through the landscape on its way down to the ocean in the north. This area had forests nearby and was a good spot for a settlement. One family built houses along the river in 1679, and by 1734 a small village had grown from that little settlement. This was the beginning of the city of Niskala.

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