The Colonization War

Military action


When the humans tried to claim Inmalenor as their own from the Inmali elves - and failed.

As the human population rose, they soon noticed that the tribes, while many and capable of battle, seemed disorganized and unable to muster up an united army. If this was right, claiming the country for themselves would be easy enough. In 1872, there was an attempt to make Inmalenor a human nation with Niskala as the capital city. There was no immediate reaction from the Inmali Tribes, so the humans were slightly taken aback, but overjoyed, about how easy it had been.

It was an action that had made the Inmali elves very angry, though. Not only was it their land, which they had lived in since time began, it was also their divine right to be here by the will of Inmalia herself. The tribes needed to do something, and although they were different enough to not being able to cooperate under normal circumstances, the tribes merged into a larger tribe out of necessity and the shared goal of taking their lands back. This tribe, sometimes called the Inmalia Tribe, managed to beat the human occupation back.

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