How to take care of your chickens

When people speak of religious books, oftentimes they think of tomes of myths or hymns, serious in tone and with no other practical use than to spread the word of a particular deity.

How to take care of your chickens is not that kind of religious book.

Belinda is not like other deities. As the other deities have grand tomes of how splendid Their actions have been, the Goddess of Death and Chickens has no such thing. Her holy book is more an instructional guide on how to take care of Her children, the chickens, than a collection of myths. The book does include discussions around topics on chicken keeping seen in a religious way, however.


As the prophet Dheiku was visited in his dreams by the goddess Belinda and got the holy task of spreading Her word, he realized it would be wise to write the words down. This was both done to make the words easier to spread and to make the words outlive Dheiku himself. Additionally, word of mouth might change the mening behind the words in a way that might not happen if the words were written down.

Historical Details


The first edition of this book was hand-written by Dheiku himself, and over the next decade he hand-copied another four copies. These were distributed to interested travelers to spread the word further than Dheiku could on his own. Some other hand-made copies were made from these copies as more people saw the practical use of having one such book in each community, and after about two centuries the book had spread all over the country.

How to take care of your chickens was one of the first books to get mass-produced when the printing press was invented.

Public Reaction

In the beginning the book got a lukewarm response. Everyone knew how to take care of chickens, after all. Though, it soon became clear that the book didn't only describe the ordinary care of chickens, but also how to tend to sick chickens, and what kinds of sicknesses were possible to recover from or not. As this became more known among the general population, the number of copies rose - though, this was after Dheiku's time. He never lived long enough to see his book become popular.

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