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The Cult of the Source

The Cult of the Source is one of four main religious groups in the lands of Kharsaag. The Sourcers, or the Followers of the Flame as its members are called, believe in the power and purity of the Source and his Cleansing Flame. They know that to believe is enough. If you follow the Source, then you are always in HIS graces.   The Cult of the Source also known as the Cult of the Living Flame, shows their love and worship for their deity though providing for the weak and needy, bringing their light to the dark places of the world such as areas afflicted with disease, famine, and other disasters, as well as using their significant military might to help combat oppressive entities that would threaten the way of life in Kharsaag.   For the most part, the Cult of the Source is peaceful and does not evangelize very much. They are happy to share the words and wisdom of their god, but they do not seek others to proselytize to non-believers or follows of other deities for they know that the Source is the one true power and that eventually all will see His light for all its glory.   Many of their rituals involve flames and self-infliction of pain. The flame burns away their sins, and the pain carries their need to the Living Flame, gaining his attention and his blessing. The Living Flame grants favors to the faithful in many forms, some of which include the ability to us magic, while other protect from heat and pain. Not all Followers of the Flame receive blessings from their god, and some have gone their entire lives without experiencing a miracle. Still, they believe.

Mythology & Lore

First there was nothing but the Tower of the Three: The Living Flame, Yiggith, and Kratling. The Tower was massive, filled with all the potential of existence, a place of the gods.   The Three ruled over the dark and empty spaces, but Yiggith wanted more, so she came to the Living Flame and asked Him to use his fire to spark a light in the darkness, to make life where there was none so that she might have things to play with and watch and be worshiped by.   The Living Flame had no interest in such trivial matters as being loved, or having toys to manipulate, but he did like the idea of bringing forth life. He had done so in his corner of the tower, sparking small worlds to life with a thought and then extinguishing them with a snap of his fingers. The idea of creating on a grand scale appealed to Him, so he indulged his sister and cast his fire out into the darkness where it swirled and burned and created life and the planets and the stars.

Divine Origins

Seeing his creations form pleased the Living Flame, and he saw that his sister had the right idea. It would be fun to be part of something larger, to have subjects and worshipers, and so he imbued in humanity the fire of knowledge, awakening their consciousness to the world beyond. He appeared in visions and manifested his power through them.   His disciple, and founder of the The Cult of the Source, Breydon Finaq was the first recipient of these gifts and through them he gained a large following. Thus, the Cult of the Source was born, and the Living Flame had worshipers and a religion based around him. He liked the feeling, and thus allowed creation to continue existing.

Tenets of Faith

Courage above fear Compassion above anger Community above self Pain is the way to absolution and redemption Blessing comes to those who the Living Flame chooses, you cannot force god to choose you Prayer is good, action is better. Protect and share the light for the world is dark without it

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