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The Prime

Our world, the mortal plane. A place of sense and logic, unless you count cats and human behavior, reason and reality. Apples fall from trees, the sun rising in the morning, every morning. Corporations fuck everyone over for pennies and people kill each other in the street for dollars. There's beauty and art, horror and war, math and twitter, and all the bullshit of our wonderful, mortal world. That's Prime. That's where we are right now.  
— Walker's Manifesto
  The Prime is the world as we know it. As the 21st century chugs on its merry way and science draw ever closer to breaking the walls between realities, magic is still real... Just out of plain view. Even without spells and incantations, things that were considered science-fiction just decades prior are becoming reality. Things we could never have dreamed of are now within our reach. We cast our gaze towards the heavens and take pictures of black holes, or inwards to see individual molecules.   But to the world of Shedim, a different kind of revelation awaits. Across the world, political systems collide, religions and cults work themselves into frenzies, hate and anger rise to meet hope and the promise of progress. In the dark and boardrooms, there are monsters.   Since times immemorial, the Prime have been shielded from the worst excesses of the supernatural world, but such a ward is flimsy and imperfect. Gates lead the talented and unwary into the world of magic, and not always by choice. In places of terror, of faith, of great energies, the Shadow bleeds over into our world and allows wondrous, terrible things to follow. Among all this, people still have to deal with politicians and taxes, middle-management and shitty reality TV.   That's not to say magic doesn't have its hooks here without such tears in reality. Haunted forests are fine and well, but mages ply their trade in the heart of cities - but must be careful. The Shadow exerts an self-correcting pull to clean up a mess made by magic, fading memories, destroying bodies, and otherwise ruining evidence for any enterprising ghost hunting show. Witches and Warlocks who test their luck too many times can get yanked right back into the Shadow, with little consideration for what they were doing.

A Walker's Primer

Some phrases someone should know, if they're walking the line between worlds.  


Our world, friend, with all its flaws and imperfections, all its wonders andvirtues.  

The Shadow

Where things that go bump in the night lurk and hide. Where witches and warlocks live. A realm that coexists with Prime, where Magic lives and hides.  


Someone who walks between worlds - usually the Shadow and Prime.  

The Beyond

A realm past even the Shadow, where gods and demons live. If there's a Cthulhu, it's here. If there's an origin to magic, this is it.  


Catch-all term for all kinds of supernatural critters, both friendly and angry. Everything from the Yeti to vampires, chupucabra to ghosts, to less identifiable nightmares.


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