One shot, one kill.
  The Godslayer is an crudely made handgun, marred by welding spots and places where the metal has been filed into shape. It has no magazine, with the end duct-taped shut and the interior where one would be filled with a jumble of mechanisms with no discernable purpose. Only a single round can be chambered at a time, and only 13 custom made bullets are known to remain. Each one is handcrafted, with no greater expertise than the gun, and must be jammed into the chamber with some force to really fit. Pieces of tape cover of inscriptions on the length of the gun, and the hammer is just a little nub. The letters 'SAMA' is cut into the left side of the slide.   Despite the ramshackle appearance of both gun and bullets, it fires without fail - when it hits, the Godslayer is said to be able to kill anything.  


Said to be forged by a witch who had promised her heart to a goddess only to have it broken, the Godslayer never saw its intended purpose. Though the details have been muddled in myth, the witch instead used her weapon to defend her former lover, then disappeared into the Beyond. Since then, the Godslayer has found itself back into the world, no matter how many times it is cast into the Beyond or locked in vaults. It is a gun that desires to be fired, and many believe it responds to the same sort of betrayal that forged it.  
Exactly who the witch is, or how she brought such power into the world isn't known, but there are theories. Most assume deals were struck with some entity from the Beyond, who might've been the first to fall prey to the gun. Others say such a thing can only be made when crafted from betrayal and heartbreak of such raw emotion that gives birth to powerful magic.
  The Godslayer changes hand often, either lost or forsaken when its current wielder concludes their vengeance, or when others take it from them. At other times, it remains lost for years, either gathering dust in some antique store or waiting in the wild for a hand to pick it once more. Its last owner was a kid in Oklahoma who used its one bullet to shoot a bird out of tree, and from there, it vanished once more.

13 Bullets

It's believed that whenever a bullet is fired true from the Godslayer, its equal appear someplace else in the world. Gun and bullet are almost never found together, but show up in the most unlikely places - sometimes worlds apart.  
It is believed that a collector of rare crafts own as many as four, while another two is said to form the eyes of a demon from the Beyond.
The gun resists attempts to scry it, and spells to call it fail. Power like this doesn't come easy, no matter what a warlock might want.


Author's Notes

Can you spot the reference to another Anvilites world? :D

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17 Dec, 2020 12:18

The letters 'SAMA' is cut into the left side of the slide.
  Naaaah, you didn't :00, I'm grinning like an idiot right now :DDD adds article to pile of favourites   Someone should set the witch up with Samara, they'd get along well I think. I wonder where she disappeared, seeing the Beyond wasn't linked to another article had me pretty sad haha :')

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The Beyond is on my to do list! There's an article there, but it's still a draft. Time and space moves strangely there, so there's no telling where she's ended up. :D

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23 Dec, 2020 16:48

When I read the phrase “It is a gun that desires to be fired,” I heard it in the voice of Ian McKellan, with the emphasis on the word “desires.”

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Hah! :D

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You gave me those good chills, Q. Stunning.

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Oo what an interesting weapon. I love how ramshackle it is. XD

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Making guns is hard, if you're just a vengeful witch with not much prior experience in it! :D