Technological Paradise, some may call it. For the largest population of all the realms it is paradise. Though this Shadowrealm is the absolutely the weakest in terms of available Aura to be harnessed. Besides the population nothing else is producing Aura, so the inhabitants have to regulate just how much they use daily. Though one major difference from Earth, besides the tech, is most of the inhabitants are giants of some sort or another, as the average height of a civilian is 20 feet tall. So the "normal" size of the rest of the realms is the thing that business make special accommodations for.


Most inhabitants are of the giant races. As for wealth classes, everyone's base needs are provided for, except for visitors. Consumption is free, but monitored so as to not have the civilians just give stuff to visitors. Depending on how much you contribute to society you have more freedom to do whatever you like, with a few exceptions.


Officially a Technocracy. There are elected officials, but barrier to entry in even being eligible to be a leader are skills learn and/or invention/innovation. Vlokians have a low tolerance for physical violence and as such every citizen gets an implant at birth that will cause them to become unconscious if an officer deems it needed. Visitors will get a temporary collar.


The city-state is powered by enormous turbines on top of it's ceiling. Public transport and other features of living are automated. They even have a VR world, if you don't want to leave your living space. Everything here is extremely advanced tech compared to Earth.


Due to it's tech advancement it is considered by many to be the wealthiest of the Shadowrealms.

Natural Resources

There are no natural resources of value at all. Everything in Vlokopolis is artificially made.

Alternative Name(s)
National Territory
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Realm of Tech


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