The Fates

Most might view The Fates as 3 old hags, but in reality they don't even remember what their original forms were. Their looks are completely dependent on the viewer and each viewer can see them differently, even at the same time. Their main role in the mythical society these days is working with the death gods, so that the aura remains of dead people, some call them souls, don't wander aimlessly. What happens to these souls after collection is completely up to the death god, some death gods even keep it a secret. These days, they have employed many humans, so that they can get the death gods their updates on who is dying soon, so they can get there quicker or even before. They grant the human immortality and link their powers directly, so the human doesn't use their own aura. It is estimated that The Fates employ roughly 500,000 humans, making them the Aons that have awakened the most humans ever. Though this sharing of power to so many takes a huge strain on their power limits.


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